Valuers assess the value of land, buildings and improvements, and plant and machinery. They provide expert independent advice on matters under litigation, and are recognised by courts of law as expert interpreters of the market.

Some of the typical functions of property valuation include:

  • mortgage and re-financing
  • reports on the market value of property
  • advice to mortgagees in possession
  • security over loans
  • capital gains tax
  • insurance
  • life interests in property holdings
  • asset valuation for financial reporting
  • portfolio valuation
  • rating and tax disputes
  • advice on development controls and environmental planning
  • expert advice for property sales and purchases
  • matrimonial and family property disputes
  • rental assessments and reviews
  • lease negotiations
  • reports for arbitration
  • advice for compensation for compulsory acquisition
  • estate, probate and stamp duty purposes

“Valuers are skilled professionals, who are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to a comprehensive range of clients”