Naples, Florida Business Using Joomla Website

For any enterprise organization, having an internet presence is paramount. This is true even for Naples’ businesses. Luckily, the process to build a website with wordpress , joomla and maintaining an internet presence does not have to complicated and expensive, largely thanks to content management systems.

These platforms have made it easy for individuals, internet marketing best and businesses to set up their business website at a reduced cost and in a much more simplified manner. Importantly, there is a wide variety of open source CMS, including the very popular Joomla CMS. Joomla is renowned for its simplicity and spectacular structure. As such, getting to grips and using Joomla is very easy. Moreover, being open source, Joomla is evolving for the better with each passing year.

It is little wonder that prominent organizations such as Harvard University, The Alliance for Catholic Education, The Hill, and The Wire make use of this particular platform. With this in mind, herein we are going to explore why Naples businesses should make use of Joomla to create and manage their website.

#1. Low Cost – For businesses, big or small, the cost of maintaining an internet presence should make sense. In this regard, the cost of setting up a business’ website through CMS should be lower opting for a custom website. Fortunately, setting a website through Joomla will have minimal costs implications. For starters, the Joomla platform is free of charge as it is open source. Secondly, Joomla templates, extensions, and plugins are relatively cheaper. It is common to find templates costing anywhere between $50 and $100. Plugins and extension also cost almost the same. This means that it is feasible to have a website in just under $300, which is not possible if you are to go for a custom website designed from the ground up.

#2. Extensive Support – Not only is Joomla an open source CMS platform. It is also a loved CMS. There many developers who make use of the platform to create their websites. In doing so, some contribute to the growth of the platform in the form of developing plug-ins and extensions that increase the functionality and in some cases the structure of Joomla-based websites. The net effect is that Joomla users have extensive support from very enthusiastic developers. Additionally, the platform is always evolving and improving all to the benefit of the users.

#3. Extensive Content Management Features – Right from the onset, Joomla was built with the intent to make content management an easy and straightforward matter in as far as website management is concerned. This means that Joomla is an excellent platform to manage your content in-house both in the short term as well as in the long-term. The content management factor is particularly important for individuals looking for a stellar means of managing their content. It is also important for websites with complicated navigations and a large amount of content to manage.

#4. ACL Features And User Management – Joomla has a fairly unique user registration system that is part and parcel of the platform. The multiple Access Control List levels and the user manager features that Joomla comes with makes it ideal for a website that operates some content restriction, user registration, and user account features. Importantly, setting up these features is fairly easy and straightforward.

#5. Quick Customization And Setup – At the core of the platform, Joomla is designed to be very easy to setup and use. The ease of setup and use of Joomla-powered website increases further with increases with experience, thus enabling business owners to add new functionalities and test new parts of their website with ease.

There are many other advantages to use using this platform. Nonetheless, the bottom line remains that Naples businesses using Joomla is a good idea.